Chicken and Broccoli Pizza

Pizza Dough

1 pkg. active dry yeast

1 c. warm water (110o)

2 ½ c flour

2 T. oil

1 t. sugar

1 t. salt


1 boneless chicken breast, cut into strips

1 T. extra virgin olive oil

2 c. tomato sauce

1 T. oregano leaves

2 t. thyme

½ t. garlic salt

½ c. sliced red onions

½ c. sliced yellow bell pepper

½ c. sun dried tomatoes

½ c. fresh mushrooms, sliced

1 c. fresh broccoli florets

2 jalapenos, seeded and sliced (optional)

3 c. grated mozzarella cheese


Preheat oven to 450o F. To make the pizza dough, dissolve yeast in warm water.  Stir in flour, oil, sugar and salt.  Beat 25 strokes or until mixture forms a ball.  Cover and let rest five minutes. Grease fingers and spread out dough on baking sheet to form a 14” round.  In a skillet over medium heat, sauté chicken strips in oil until done. Spread tomato sauce on the pizza dough.  Season the sauce with oregano, thyme and garlic salt.  Distribute onions, bell pepper, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli and chicken strips on top of sauce.  Sprinkle with mozzarella cheese and bake at 450o F. for 10-15 minutes.  (For crispier crust, prebake five minutes before adding ingredients.)

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  1. Just connected to you site via Dashboard.

    I never turn down a good slice of pie and I love the combination of flavors you have going on here.

    If you have a moment, check out my site which is a fusion of sports, food, libations, and more.

    btw-as a fellow UofM alummi I must say: Go Terps!



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