ABC’s of Healthy Eating

Broccoli wreath

The Christmas season is a time of celebration with family and friends that often includes an abundance of festive food and beverages. One of the most frequent New Year’s resolutions that people make involves losing weight and exercising.  Rather than overindulging during the holidays, consider mindfulness to monitor what you consume.  When the New Year approaches, you won’t moan as much when you get on the scale!

A – Always be conscious of what you eat

B – Be patient – improving your fitness takes time

C – Calories do count

D – Desserts aren’t mandatory – but if you have a sweet tooth, try fresh fruit, a frozen juice pop, or yogurt

E – Eliminate or reduce consumption of “white” foods – sugar, pasta, potatoes, bread & rice

F – Food is just fuel for our body

G – Go easy on the alcohol, sugary soft drinks and high calorie coffee concoctions

H – Hydrate – drink lots of water

I – Imagine yourself at your ideal weight

J – Just do it

K – Keep healthy snacks in the house – olives, nuts, edamame, popcorn (without butter), pretzels

L – Lots of fresh vegetables add color and fiber to your meal

M- Mindfulness is the key to avoid overeating

N – No fried foods!

O – Organic is better

P – Portion size matters

Q – Quit eating at “fast food” establishments

R – Read the labels

S – Slow down when you eat – it takes 20 minutes for your body to signal that it’s full

T – Take time to taste the flavor and texture of your meal

U- Use a smaller plate

V – Vitamins and minerals are essential

W – Weigh yourself the same time every morning

X – Exercise burns calories – go to the gym or get out and walk

Y – YOU control the fork!

Z – Zesty foods satisfy – use more herbs and spices to add zip to your food

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